In March 2006, a new force was born in the world of engraving. Our dream is to make the beauty of Italian engraving available to the whole world. We practice traditional techniques of tip and hammer, chiseling, and gold inlaid. We execute several different styles including Inglesina, Ornate, Dual Swirl and Landscape. We pride ourselves on our collaborative creativity, professionalism, and masterful artwork. For more information about our company, our work, or our services, please contact us at info@ilbulinosrl.com


March 11 2011 - IWA 2011 Show - Nürnberg Germany


April 29 2011 - Southern Side by Side Championship - RoadSanford, NC USA


May 06   2011 - 7th Annual Brays Island Shooting Expo, Sheldon, SC USA


July 22  2011 - THE CLA GAME FAIR 2011 - OXFORDSHIRE


September 19  2011 - Orvis Cup - Millbrook, NY USA


September 24  2011 - The Vintage Cup, Queenstown, MD USA


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